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» citic

The school as an entity

Research Center on Information and Communication Technologies (CITIC) is a technology center of the Universidade da Coruña (Spain), in order to promote the advancement and excellence in research, development and innovation on Information and Communications Technology (CTI) and promote the transfer of knowledge and results to society.

CITIC is a meeting point between the university and the company that combines R & D departments of companies in the ICT sector with researchers from the university. Current working in different R & D projects more than 100 researchers from public and private sectors, providing a mixed environment that enables university-industry collaboration and knowledge transfer.

» technology park of UDC

The University of A Coruña contributes to progress and innovation through its Technology Park. It is a complex set of research centers oriented to be the R & D department for companies.  


Technology Research Centre


Centre for Advanced Scientific Research


Centre for Technological Innovations in     Construction and Civil Engineering


Centre for Research of Information and Communication Technologies

» interviews+ Interviews


Víctor Carneiro Díaz
Doctor en Informática y Responsable del Área Tecnológica del CITIC de Integración de Aplicaciones e Información
   +read more


Vicente Moret Bonillo
Principal Researcher LIDIA Group
PhD in Computer Science from the UDC. IEEE Senior Member   +read more


Álvaro Barreiro García
Catedrático de Universidad en el área de conocimiento de Ciencias de la Computación e Inteligencia Artificial en la Facultad de Informática e investigador principal del CITIC
   +read more


Sebastián Bamonde Rodríguez
Coordinador del CITIC de enero 2014 a septiembre 2014. Licenciado en Matemáticas por la Universidad de Santiago y Doctor en Computación por la Universidad de A Coruña. Profesor Titular de la Facultad de Informática de A Coruña
   +read more


Manuel Francisco González Penedo
Doctor en Ciencias Físicas y responsable del Área Tecnológica de Procesado de Imágenes Digitales del CITIC
   +read more

» innovation in the house

The CITIC has developed an Intelligent Control Software will be integrated into the Optical Network Systems for the home series HENSON (Home Entertainement Network Solution) developed by the Swiss company Casacom Solutions AG.

This software monitors all equipment POF (Polymer Optical Fiber) on household infrastructure. Infrastructure for current and future multimedia applications.



» events+ Events

» CITIC's video presentation